City of Carcassonne

The remarkable medieval town of Carcassonne sits on the the right bank of the Aude River. With its 2 concentric sets of ramparts crowned by 52 towers, it never fails to impress visitors. Freely accessible day and night through the Porte Narbonnaise and the Porte d’Aude, most of the medieval city can be visited freely. Enjoy the guided tours given by certified guides throughout the year during the day and evening. They can be booked at the Tourist Office.

Dive into the medieval atmosphere of the city and explore its secret places with a guided tour. Whether you’re keen on adventures, a history buff or merely curious, you’ll find the right visit for you. We design tours especially tailored to your wishes; our professional and passionate guides are waiting to welcome you. Discover medieval city of Carcassonne, unravel some of its and become an expert become in the Middle Ages.


© Jacqueline Macou

© Jacqueline Macou

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