City of Cordes-sur-ciel

To reach Cordes-sur-ciel, you’ll have to leave your car. The ascent is done on foot, through the steep, paved streets. You are instantly immersed in a medieval atmosphere: fortified gates, ramparts, sculpted gothic facades and hidden nooks. The spell is immediate. From the top of the medieval town, you can discover a vast, beautiful landscape, and also large swaths of history.


The “sky” couldn’t wait any longer. In 1993, Cordes was officially renamed Cordes-sur-Ciel (Ciel meaning “Sky” in French. In fact, the two words had belonged together as early as the Middle Ages, when the stone city was built perched on a riff, rising to the sky, in a dizzying wedding of love and beauty.
On your way the top of the city, pay a visit to the many workshops of artists and craftsmen. Painters, writers, ceramists, sculptors and jewelers have long found artistic inspiration here.
Some mornings, when the valley is covered in a rose-colored haze, Cordes-sur-Ciel really deserves its name: it seems to float in the skies. Early in the morning, you can take a short walk to go out of the village and admire it at daybreak; it makes for a splendid view. In winter, the fog sometimes wraps the village, isolating it from the world below. An almost mystical experience.

© Pascale Walter

© Gregory Cassiau

© Gregory Cassiau

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