City of Gaillac

The name of Gaillac is said to come from the Latin word “Galus”, meaning rooster. According to another explanation, the ancient Gallo-Roman name Galhac derives form a word meaning fertile.
At once secretive and grandiose, fragile and powerful, authentic and contemporary: this country is full of nuances… and likes to share them with visitors. In this “little Tuscany” of the Tarn, epicureans will feel the charm of a vacation where the senses are allowed to take over. A sunset on the hilly vineyard, a small glass of Gaillac wine and… time is almost suspended. Everything is fine!

Red, white, rosé, pearl..


Old bastides can be glimpsed at the bend in a country road. A perfect place for a getaway for two: discover the wines of Tarn and the bastides with their incomparable character!

From the age-old wine city of Gaillac, you can take an enchanting tour of typical Tarn villages: start in Lisle-sur-Tarn, a unique bastide that also used to be a river port, then climb to Puycelsi, an impregnable village towering above the Gresigne forest, and finally discover Castelnau-de-Montmiral, the bastide with buried treasures.
Enter the domains: you’ll meet passionate winemakers and discover their wines and their stories. Immerse yourself in the Gaillac vineyard and discover a whole new world of grape varieties, wine making, harvest, aperitif-concerts, vineyard visits!

© Christophe Bouthé


© Christophe Bouthé

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