City of Graulhet

While the city bears the mark of its history as a center of leather industry, as evidenced by the House of Leather Trades, Graulhet also offers many other treasures to the visitor. A peaceful medieval city, it is the starting point of numerous nature hikes.


Graulhet, an ancient medieval city, has been a major center of the leather industry since the 17th century. Visit the Maison des Métiers du cuir (House of Leather Trades) to discover the techniques, as well as introductory workshops in the leather trades. The designers work with the great international couturiers and the know-how “made in Tarn” is still very much in demand.


Nested in an intricate pattern of fields and woods,between plains and hills, surrounded by lakes and rivers, Graulhet is a welcoming place with a gentle way of life and a taste for celebration.
The old bridge, the Porte du Gouch gate, the half-timbered houses of the Panessac district give an idea of what the city looked like in the Middle Ages.


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