City of Lisle-sur-Tarn

Lisle-sur-Tarn is a charming “flowery village” where life is good and which will offer you many hiking trails. Lovers of the great outdoors can venture into the heart of the Sivens forest and stop off at the Maison de la forêt where a plethora of nature-themed activities await you.

Lisle-sur-Tarn has a very rich past and will delight history buffs. You will be able to discover the tumulus of Saint Salvy de Coutens whose legend says that it would be the tomb of a Roman general but also its bastide and its port which are part of the high historical places of the city, traces of prehistoric lives have been there. even been discovered.

The Raymond Lafage museum has a collection of archaeological pieces from the Palaeolithic to the 16th century, a collection of glass pieces called “Grésigne” as well as works by painters and sculptors from the region.

Gourmands, for their part, will not fail to visit the Museum of Chocolate Arts. You will be amazed by the works created by master chocolatier Michel Thomaso-Defos in collaboration with great names in sculpture such as Casimir Ferrer, Madeleine Gautier and Marta Solsona. For those wishing to get their hands dirty, introductory courses in working with chocolate will be offered. To spoil nothing, each visit ends with a tasting of “grands crus” of chocolate.

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