City of Penne

The village of Penne is nicknamed eagle’s nest or citadel of vertigo and it is easy to understand why! To reach its fortress, you will have to arm yourself with courage and climb its cliff, winding through its winding streets. But your temerity will be amply rewarded when you come face to face with this impressive castle.

You can choose to visit it in total autonomy thanks to the illustrated interpretation route or take advantage of a guided tour to discover the masons-builders and stonemasons. Indeed, a colossal restoration project began in 2010, to restore the building to its former grandeur. Many craftsmen work there every day in period clothes and using medieval tools.

As you will have understood, the fortress of Penne is a unique place steeped in history which we will not regret visiting so travellers, wake up the knight who sleeps in you and prepare for the ascent!

© Pascale Walter

© Pascale Walter


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